Welcome to the Mayan World

Sacbé Travel started in Guatemala in 2003. We stand for personal and high standard services for clients with high expectations. We welcome FIT, Groups, Congresses and of course Special Interest Travelers. Our Mission is to offer a tourism product of recommendable and high standard based on a trustful relationship between client, the company and providers. All using disciplined transparent and future based business strategies.

Guatemala is located in the North of Central America counting 108,908km². Almost 14 million Guatemalans live in the multicultural country. 24 languages are spoken. On a small surface Guatemala offers his guests a huge variety in climate, vegetation zones and different mentalities. If you travel for 10 days it will give you the feeling having visited at least three countries. The main goal in Guatemala is cultural tourism visiting the Maya of yesterday and today. Active trips like Golf, Hike & Trek or Rafting are upcoming trends. Guatemala City is excellently equipped for holding international events and congresses. Together with our neighbors Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador the Land of eternal spring, as Guatemala is known, offer great opportunities for multi destination trips in the Maya World. 3000 years for pre-Columbian history and 500 years since the arrival of the conquers wait to be explores within unique landscape. Panamá, Costa Rica and Nicaragua complete the Central American subcontinent, the youngest part of the Americas. It has been the latest part to be formed and therefore offers an other geology, vegetation and a mixed climate than the rest of the continent. It is small but has a huge diversity to offer and discover.